Last week was the Homewood Christmas parade and it was another success for Pack 95. Special thanks to Scott Glenn for coordinating our float. He did a great job.

The parade was different this year being held on a Thursday night instead of the usual Saturday morning time. It was cold but nothing like last years when it snowed.

Here is a hint for anyone attending a Homewood Christmas Parade. If you want to see the parade then downtown Homewood is your best bet as the band and floats come down the hill from Oxmoor Road. If you want candy and beads thrown from the float then you should be in the first 20 yards of leaving the library parking lot. As soon as our float hit Oxmoor Road it looked like a bomb went off inside the float. Candy and beads exploded in all directions thrown not only at adults and children but to empty spaces on the sidewalk. By the time we turned onto 18th Street we were done. Next year we might want to hold back some candy.

Our last meeting of the year was held on the 12th and the den’s have probably had their last meeting for the year. The leaders are still busy getting ready for the new year. A Pack leader meeting is scheduled for December 21 at 6:30 at Salsarita’s. We are also finalizing our paperwork for the annual rechartering of our Pack.

Things kick into high gear in January. Parents you should be reviewing our son’s advancement toward his rank. We’ll be passing out pinewood derby kits in January for the race on February 5.

We are all looking forward to a great 2011 at Pack 95.