Welcome to August! A lot is happening this month with school starting and with Pack 95. I wanted to give you a heads up and make sure you have some events on your calendar. This a good time to remind you that the Pack 95 calendar is your best source for what is happening. You can view on the calendar page.

One week from today, August 12 is the first pack meeting of the new year. The meeting will start promptly at 4:30 at Shades Valley Lutheran Church. Class A uniforms everyone.

Webelos 1 will have a pack meeting Sunday at the scout hut at 3:30 and we will start working towards the webelos badge.

Other dens should be gearing up for meetings and should have them listed on our calendar soon. Contact your den leader to find out when you are meeting.

To end out the month we will have the following meetings/events:

  • August 14, 6:30 – Pack leaders meeting at Salsaritas
  • August 16 – Supply day booth (we really need some volunteers to step up and help man this booth)
  • August 26 – Webelos 1 and 2 have den meetings
  • August 30, 6:30 – School Night for Scouting

Dues are Due
It is time to pay for this years dues which will again be $75. We will start collecting at the pack meeting on Sunday. Make checks payable to PACK 95. There is a chance that we may be able to take credit cards. That will depend on the church internet.

We will take up dues through October and at that time we will trim the roster and remove people from the email list before the first campout. I am hoping this doesn’t happen at all. Keep in mind that you need to be paid in full to get a handbook and receive awards.

Things are speeding up and we are very excited about the new year and we look forward to having you as part of Pack 95 Homewood.