Most of the dens are winding down the year. Patches have been awarded and thoughts are turning to the campout and summer vacation. Is that all there is to your year? Of course not, there’s plenty to do!

Do you remember belt loop awards? They were all the rage when you first joined the Pack. Once you started moving up they became less important and since they are not listed in your handbook they often get overlooked.

To make it easier for you, Pack 95 has worksheets listed at our downloads page of all the belt loop and pin awards you can earn. These awards are broken down into academic and sports categories so there is something for everyone. There’s astronomy, geography, mathematics, music, bowling, hiking, tennis, volleyball and more. There are many awards and I encourage you to view the different worksheets. Already have the belt loop? You can now work for the pin.

Are you a Bear and getting ready to be a Webelo? Read through the achievements, some require that you earn or re-earn a belt loop. You can get a head start during the slow summer months.

Remember, Pack 95 is a year round cub scout pack so are your earning opportunities. Earn All You Can!