The Homewood Christmas Parade is this Tuesday night, December 10. Pack 95 will have a float so we encourage all our scouts to come join us. The parade will start at 6:30 so you need to find Cubmaster Scott Glenn’s truck in the parking lot at the Homewood Library before start time. There will be a lot of people so make sure you give yourself time to find us. The scouts will travel in the truck and parents generally walk behind.

The parade will begin at the Homewood Library and travel east on Oxmoor Road; turn left onto 18th Street South; travel under the Christmas Star; turn right onto 29th Avenue; turn left onto 19th Street; travel past City Hall turn left onto 28th Avenue; Travel to the intersection of 18th Street.

At this point the parade is over. Some cubs and their parents will stay at City Hall for the Tree Lighting Ceremony while others will head back to the library and their cars. Parents, we need help to make sure your cub gets back to you.

Bring your leftover halloween candy or grab a bag at the store before you come. We will be thowing the candy from the truck.