The first pack event of the year is usually the Christmas Tree Recycling day. Each year at the first of the year we head out to the streets of Homewood looking for those trees that have been tossed to the gutter. We bring them back to the parking lot at the Homewood Library where the city collects them and grinds them up for mulch. This has been a useful project and a way to start the scouting year and give back to the community.

This year was no exception. We headed out on a fantastic Saturday afternoon with highs in the 60’s and rain having passed us by that morning. Only problem… it seems that the city has beat us to the punch and collected most of the trees.

We split up into different cars and moved off to different neighborhoods looking for that last tree. Our efforts payed off in two large truckloads of trees that we gathered. A few of us waited at the library where we helped people who brought their own trees while the others searched.

We enjoy doing this and we look forward to next year. The city of Homewood will grind these trees into mulch and use it on city property keeping them out of the landfill.