It’s that season of the year again. Not bowl season but throw out the tree season. Instead of putting your tree on street and waiting for the city to pick them up, take your’s to a recycle location. Depending on the place the trees may be groundup and used as mulch or they could be used in lakes as fish habitats. Whatever the reason let’s keep them out of the landfill. has a list of locations throughout Homewood that will take your tree, you just need to get it there. For those to lazy to do it, Pack 95 and others Scouts in Homewood will be driving around Sunday afternoon, January 2nd picking up trees left on the street.

Pack 95 Cub Scouts, the time will be 1pm to approximately 4pm.  We will meet at HOMEWOOD LIBRARY in the rear parking lot and go from there…  PLEASE WEAR YOUR UNIFORM AND SCOUT CAP, but above all, dress for the weather.  Please wear some sort of gloves… the trees can still have sap on them and can be rough on the hands.