The March pack meeting is going to be a special time at Pack 95. It’s the time of the year we say good bye to the Webelos II with a crossing over ceremony.  It is as close to graduation as a cub scout can get. The past 18 months or so they have been learning the skills necessary to become a boy scout. These boys have learned how to cook over a fire, how to tie knots, setup a campsite and a number of other skills.

The Webelos I and II’s have been visiting local troops including our own Troop 95. They went to troop meetings and spent the weekend at Camporee with them. Now each one of the Webelos II have chosen which Troop they will join.

This brings me back to the crossing over ceremony. These boys will cross over to a troop. It is also referred to as bridging or crossing over a bridge to the troop. And yes our boys will cross over a bridge.

If you are a long time member of the pack you are familiar with our bridge. It was a rickety and not very attractive “bridge” not worthy of such a big moment in a cubs life. Lucky for Pack 95 we have Joe Swaika.

Joe attended Wood Badge S9-1-11-1 this past year and for one of his tickets he built the pack a bridge we can be proud of. The scout law is carved in the deck and the rest is adorned with cub scout badges. I have attached a teaser photo but you’ll have to attend the meeting to see the completed bridge.

We will also say goodbye to former Cubmaster Scott Phillips at the March meeting.  He and his son will both be crossing over to Troop 95. Luckily for us we’ll still get to see them around the scout hut.