One of the most important things we can do as a Cub Scout Adult Leader is be trained. Not only is it something that can give us the tools to make our jobs easier but it is a requirement  for the leader and the Pack as a whole. For instance if we don’t have someone trained at BALOO on one of our campouts then we would have to cancel.

If you are a leader I am asking you to register with today and take these online required courses:

  • This is Scouting
  • Your Protection
  • Fast Start for your Position

These courses don’t take much time and will help you and the Pack. You will need your BSA ID number and I can give that to you if you don’t have it. There are also supplemental training courses online that you may be interested in taking. Look around when you sign in.

There are also a few other courses that are taken in a classroom. Back in April there was a BALOO training at SVLC that took most of a Saturday but it was time well spent and very enjoyable. In May I took a combined class at Hunter Street Baptist Church that included:

  • Intro to Cub Scouting
  • How We Have Fun
  • Position Specific Training

Joe took an additional position specific training class that was held on a weeknight. Pretty easy stuff and doesn’t take much time. For a more thorough list of  training by postion, visit the Vulcan District website.

Not thoroughly motivated just yet? Here are some other reasons why you need training.

Pack Requirements

I mentioned above that we needed BALOO trained adults to camp but it doesn’t end there. We must have trained leaders to qualify for the Quality Unit Award. We must have trained leaders to recharter our Pack each year. We must have trained leaders to give our boys the scouting experience they are expecting.

Adult Awards

As a leader you are eligible to earn those square knot patches that you see worn over the left pocket. You can read all about them at this site. These awards require training as well as tenure and performance goals.

You also get the Trained patch that is worn on the left sleeve for finishing the required training.

And as a final incentive to get trained, the faster you get to it, the less you’ll have me bugging you about it. I am the Pack Trainer and my job is to get you to class and make sure we have trained, qualified adults in leadership positions. Let me know the dates you have completed your training and contact me if you have any questions.