The Oak Mountain Spring Campout is in the books and we had a great time. This was the first time we have camped at Oak Mountain in recent memory. The weather was fantastic, the nights might have been a little cold but the days were warm and sunny.

New Grubmaster Drew Langloh took the meals to a whole new level by bringing a whole pig to roast. He borrowed a box that held the pig. Coals were placed on top like you would cook in a dutch oven and 4-5 hours later we feasted like kings!

We had a diverse group of activities to chose from. We rode bikes on the BMX track, took hikes to Camp Tranquility, played Ultimate Frisbee and there were no less than three chess boards brought. There were many takers in the favorite adult activity, sitting around in a chair.

Thanks to everyone who made this campout a success. You can view the photos on our Picasa page.

May 5 will be our last regular season Pack meeting and is the moving up ceremony. All den’s will move to the next den. We will also be introducing some summer activities in the next few weeks so keep on the lookout for those.