Once your son starts working on his Bear badge you realize that you had it pretty easy as a Wolf and Tiger Cub. Not that Bear is much harder, there are just many ways to get there.

For instance, you must complete twelve achievements. You can pick the ones you want to do from four groups, God, Country, Family and Self. You have a lot of choices since there are 24 to chose from.

Once you get your twelve, additional achievements are used for Arrow points. You need to add these additional achievements in Packmaster a certain way to get credit and for the Pack to know you earned these arrow points.

Let’s take this example. In Country, you can see by the date that this scout has completed #3 What Makes America Special.

When you open it you can see that the only four are required to finish #3. Requirement H is additional and can be used as an elective.


You need to add that additional achievement to the electives pull-down menu on the main page.


In this example you can see that only three are required to complete the country group. They have completed four. Take the one with the most achievements completed, remove the date and add the total achievements in that category to the electives pull-down menu. Doing so will ensure the maximum number of electives going towards the arrow points.


If you would like access to your sons record you can ask for a login name and password by emailing Shawn Wright . You can access packmaster by going to this link. 

Good luck towards your Bear Badge and Arrow points