Some of you might not be aware that we have been trying to rehab the scout hut. Some of you might not even be aware that we have a scout hut, but we do. It is on the edge of the church property next to Luckie Drive.

The hut had turned into a storage shed after Troop 97 went under and the spiders had taken over. This is a wonderful resource and it was a shame for it to go to waste so with a little elbow grease, donations of time and supplies we are almost ready to take it back over from the spiders. Once it is completely finished we will list all that we have done but for now you get the sneak peak.

On Tuesday, November 2, the Wolf Den spent their meeting time glueing carpet tiles to the floor. The painters had been in earlier in the day and turned our brown walls to white. All the cubs helped out on this project and I am sure they are as excited about their new meeting space as I am. You can see by the photos that some of the cubs are finishing up while adults are outside “supervising”. Make sure you stop by the Hut at the next meeting and see what has been done.