Pack 95’s summertime activities started out with a trip to Sloss Furnace on June 4. We met at the site and took a self-guided tour that included a scavenger hunt provided by the Sloss Furnace staff. The boys and parents had a great time trying to find items on the list. We visited the entire site and had a great time looking for ghosts in the tunnel. We found none, probably because the cubs scared them off.

award_summertime_packThis was the first of our two June outings so cubs can be eligible for the Pack Summertime Activity pin. To qualify for this pin, you must attend at least one event during June, July and August. Cubs are eligible to earn a different color pin for each summer they participate.

If a cub is planning to attend Cub Scout Day Camp or Webelos Resident Camp he may be eligible for the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award which is a great looking patch for the pocket flap. You can read more about it in this article.

Our second and final event will be this weekend at 9 am at Red Mountain Park for a morning hike. We will meet at the front kiosk at 9 am. If your cub wants to earn the Summertime Activity pin and they didn’t make the Sloss Furnace trip, this will be the last opportunity to check off the June requirement.