Have you noticed all the square knot patches sewn above the left pocket on Scout leaders? For some who are very active and have been in scouting for years they may have so many it makes them look like a five star general.

Some of the knots are for advancement from when they were youth such as Arrow of Light, Eagle Scout and religious awards. Others are for honors where the scouter was nominated for special recognition or for outstanding service. The last set is given for training and this is where you come in.

If you are a registered leader in the Scouts, you are eligible to achieve square knot training awards. These awards require you to be fully trained for your position as well as meet certain performance goals in your den and pack. You can read about all the awards at this site.

You are probably already trained and you’re doing your job so it’s not much of a leap to win your award. We’ve made it easier for you by providing you with a checklist. Go to the download page to find yours. If you have any questions get in touch with the Pack Trainer (that would be me, Shawn Wright).

One hint, don’t wait to long to get started working towards your square knot. Depending on which knot you are working towards you may be required to attend a training session and it may have already passed.