For those of you who did not make it to the USS Alabama you missed a fun and unique campout. We met the Pack from Raleigh Avenue Baptist Church, the Hall-Kent pack, in Mobile and shared some tight quarters for the night. We met outside the gates and at 3 pm where led onto the battleship and to our bearth. I believe we occupied the space that some of the marines stayed in. After moving down one deck we made our way around the forward gun, through two rooms of bunks to the most forward bunkroom in the bow.

At 6 pm all the women and regular visitors had to leave the ship giving us room to roam. The Dad’s did a pretty decent job of keeping up with the kids. We found them all before bedtime.

A powerful thunderstorm rolled in forcing us inside the ship but it was short lived. When we came back up on deck we found a complete, double rainbow. The way I see it there where four pots of gold to be had.

37 pizzas where delivered and we where soon off to bed. Kind of.

The next morning came quick with an early wakeup call. We feasted like Kings on doughnuts, cold pizza and popcorn. A guys breakfast if there ever was one. After packing our bags in our cars we held an advancement ceremony on deck for those who had not received their awards at the last ceremony. We loaded up the cars soon after for the trip back to Birmingham.

Pictures of the trip have been posted on our picasa page which you can get to in the menu bar or by going to this link.