~ as collected by Joe Swaika ~

During their den meeting on December 18, 2011, the Webelos 1 and 2 worked on the Communicator requirement. As part of the activity, the den compiled a mini-blog for the Pack web site to communicate to other Scouts and future Scouts, the fun they have had throughout the years:
Going to Cub Scout Day Camp and going to the battle shop was huge and getting souvenirs from the battleship was fun. I can’t wait until the pinewood derby starts when we build wood into a cool shape and when we race them and get trophies. Also, I like it when we get the popcorn prizes such as a football.
– Spencer
My favorite Cub Scout thing is camping. I liked camping because you sleep there and you set up your own tent. I love camping because you can eat good food. That is why I like camping.
– Rami
One thing is the pinewood derby. You can build your own car. You get to paint and race the cars.
– Davis
I like camping. I like it because I can ride my bike. My friends like to camp so I can play with them.
– George
What I like is seeing my friends and going camping. When I go camping, I get to see my friends.
– Pate
I like the Summer Soaker. We get to slide on the water slide. It is big and wet!  I is great for a hot day.
– Nick