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Our new website is a blog. What that means is that we will constantly update this site with stories and information. You’ll want this information as soon as it’s posted and you can do that by subscribing to the RSS feed. Subscribe by clicking on the link in the bottom right corner by the orange icon.

If you are new to RSS feeds it is pretty simple. It stands for Really Simple Syndication and is what is used to publish our blog. You can read this with RSS readers and there are many options for macs, pc and smart phones. Online you can use Google Reader but let’s face it, if you go online you might as well come to this site.

There is another option and that is to have the feeds come directly to your email application.

If you have a mac, open your mail application and follow these instructions

1. Choose File > Add RSS Feeds or click the Add (+) button at the bottom of the sidebar, and then choose Add RSS Feeds.

2. Browse and select a feed you’ve bookmarked in Safari, or enter or paste the URL of a new feed.

To search feeds you’ve bookmarked in Safari, start typing in the search field. To select from a list of bookmarked feeds, Shift-click to select feeds that are next to each other in the list; Command-click to select feeds that are not next to one another.

3. If you want RSS feeds to be included in your Inbox, click “Show in Inbox.”

4. Click Add.

For those using Microsoft Office Outlook go to the Microsoft site and follow these instructions.

If you want the update sent straight to your email inbox you can use a services such as The free version will be all you need. I have not used this service and cannot endorse it but I have read some good things about it.

And finally there is one more option. When you click on the RSS link in the bottom right corner, more than likely your computer will automatically add the link for you.