Pack 95 Cubs and Dads spent a great night aboard the Battleship USS Alabama in Mobile on June 10, 2017. Our Pack had the opportunity to learn about the USS Alabama in World War II and to explore huge parts of the ship that afternoon and evening. We also explored the USS Drum Submarine, which ranked 8th among all U.S. Navy subs for the amount of enemy shipping tonnage she sank.

We went from sea to air where we saw over 20 airplanes from World War II all the way through Desert Storm. There was a B-52 bomber on the grounds and an A-12 “Blackbird” spy plane in the museum.

We had a dinner of pizza and cookies before we finally got around to settling down in our own berth. The bunks were stacked 3-high and side-by-side. To give you an idea of where we slept, we were forward of the front-most gun in the bow of the ship. Two huge tubes went through our room that contained the anchor chains. You could see the curve of the ship’s bow on the wall.

The next morning we woke up and had a cold breakfast of pastries, pop tarts, and milk before leaving the USS Alabama at 8 am. We had the opportunity to walk around the ship some more but most people took the opportunity to head home, to the beach or other vacations tacked on to our overnighter.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip happen. If you didn’t get the chance to go, we will probably go again in the next couple of years so get your earplugs ready!