At the end of July we did a little Cub Scout recruiting at Friday Night Fllicks at Homewood Park. For those not familiar, a movie is shown in the Park on Friday nights during the summer. There are events and booths leading up to the movie and we decided to get in on the action.

Joe Swaika put together a booth and had Raingutter Regatta races for the kids. By the look on the kids faces it was a great success and to be honest, Joe probably enjoyed it more than anyone else. You can see the pictures on our photo page.

Recruiting happens all year and we hope to show our flag at more events around town. We are getting out in the community, letting non-scouts get to know us and giving our kids opportunities to fulfill achievements.

Our big recruiting drive is this month and we can use your help. Get out and tell your friends and neighbors about us. School Night for Scouting is August 25 at 6 pm in the Shades Cahaba Elementary Lunchroom.