Summer is a great time to work on achievements. Some of the easier ways to get a head start on your badge is to work on earning belt loop awards. Belt loop awards earned during your Webelos tenure are requirements for various achievement pins.

Belt Loop — Achievement Pin
Swimming — Aquanaut
Physical Fitness — Athlete
Wilderness Conservation — Naturalist
Weather — Scientist
Astronomy — Scientist
Science — Scientist
Music — Showman
Mathematics — Engineer and Scholar
Map & Compass — Traveler
Geography — Traveler
Language & Culture — Scholar
Heritages — Famly Member
Geology — Geologists
Communicator — Communicating
Citizen — Citizenship
Art — Artist
Chess — Scholar
Various Sports — Sportsman

There are a few things I should point out about earning belt loops as a Webelo.

  1. If you have earned the belt loop before you have to re-earn it as a Webelo.
  2. You will only be awarded one belt loop by the Pack.
  3. If you are entering awards in Packmaster then there is a different place you need to place Belt Loop awards. Be watching for a future video related to that.

Check the requirements in the Webelos book, you don’t have to earn these belt loops to earn the achievement pin. You pick and choose which ones. All of the beltloop requirements are located in our downloads page.